Testing & Assessment

Psychological Testing

Therapists at Higgins & Carter LLC can provide psychological evaluations. Based on the reason for referral and needs of the client, our staff will then develop an individually tailored battery of tests that provides a high quality and comprehensive assessment.

A full psychological evaluation typically includes an in-depth clinical interview in addition to tests of ability/intelligence, personality tests, behavior rating scales and various inventories assessing psychopathology. Disorders, such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD), Processing Deficits, Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety and other cognitive, developmental or psychological problems that interfere with functioning in any area need to be properly assessed before a course of treatment and modifications to the environment can be undertaken.

Upon completion of testing, a complete psychological report is written where results of the evaluation are reported and explained. This in-depth report contains background information, test scores and interpretations, personality/behavioral functioning and a summary with recommendations.


A mental health assessment can be completed to assist individuals with identifying a diagnosis before an appropriate treatment can be identified. An assessment can be completed by one of our therapists to identify a diagnosis while an evaluation by a psychiatrist can identify an appropriate medication for treatment.

Legal Evaluations

Therapists at Higgins & Carter LLC have been approved by the Circuit Courts of Cook County to provide 604(b) evaluations. If you are in need of this service or interested in how this service is implemented, please contact the practice directly.