Consultation & Supervision

Clinical Supervision

Therapists at Higgins & Carter LLC are licensed in their respective fields and provide clinical individual and group supervision for graduate students in training, post-graduate professionals working towards licensure, as well as licensed professionals seeking further supervision and development.


Who might need consultation?

  • Schools or school districts when dealing with difficult behaviors
  • Office managers who care about their employees & observe problems
  • College professors who experience problematic behaviors with their students
  • Clergy who think extra support or guidance is needed

Identifying the correct path for those who might need therapeutic services can be a difficult choice. A teacher, clergy, or manager at work might see possible problems or deficiencies in behavior but not know the best way to address the issue. At Higgins & Carter LLC, we provide consultation to different individuals or organizations of how to best use therapeutic services or how to navigate through the mental health system. We can assist with identifying solutions and making referrals appropriately. Rates for consultation will be identified on an individual basis.