Group Therapy

Orientation Group

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Higgins & Carter LLC offers a comprehensive group therapy program to meet individualized needs. Our groups are designed to increase self-awareness, develop interpersonal skills, and negotiate new processes in a supportive learning environment. Each group will have its unique focus and will provide the participant with a shared experience in the development of engaged learning.

Our goal is to provide a group program to provide a skills based approach to address needs and encourage change and recovery. Every potential group participant will receive individualized attention through an initial consultation and then recommended to a group or groups that may be most beneficial. Our team provides groups that are uniquely focused on promoting personal development.

Groups usually last 4-16 sessions. Each group is 50 minutes. Groups meet throughout the week and weekend day/evening times. We ask that participants commit to at least 4 sessions to ensure group consistency and to build on group cohesion. Group participants have the flexibility to pay for groups using insurance, out-of-pocket or sliding scale.