College Students

College students at times have struggles and difficulties unique to this period of life. Many of the therapists at Higgins & Carter LLC have experience working directly with college students and can provide a process of support and understanding. Many college counseling centers refer directly to our practice due to our proximity to many colleges and universities in Chicago while also recognizing that our staff has the experience and training to provide supportive care to the college age population.

Our therapists provide therapy in a comfortable and confidential environment. Higgins & Carter LLC communicates to the student’s school and/or family only when if the student believes that collaboration would be necessary or helpful.

For college students who are dealing with:

• Academic difficulties
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Relationship problems
• Substance abuse
• Irrational behaviors or decision making
• Fluctuating or unmanageable moods
• Social isolation
• Grief and loss
• Difficulties with family