At Higgins & Carter LLC, we acknowledge the importance of the mind/body relationship and advocate for a bio-psychosocial understanding of individuals. Our goal is to work collaboratively with medical providers and health care organizations to not only decide what the problem is but also determine how to deal with the problem most effectively.

If you are a medical or mental health professional and you would like to refer a patient to Higgins & Carter LLC or you would like professional consultation, please contact us at 312-360-1983.

Comprehensive care might be needed if a patient:

  • Presents with vague or changing symptoms, numerous visits or “doctor shopping”, or demanding and dependent toward physicians
  • Frequently gets into arguments, bullies, threatens, and/or intimidates others
  • Reports feelings of depression, excessive crying, and loss of enjoyment for activities previously enjoyed
  • Excessive restlessness, nervousness, upset stomach, and irritability
  • Dramatic increase or decrease in sleep and/or appetite
  • Significant weight loss, body weight 85% less than expected, and/or absence of three consecutive menstrual cycles (amenorrhea)
  • Recently experienced bereavement or a traumatic event
  • Family behavior that may need therapeutic intervention
  • Significant change or transition in the family such as divorce, medical diagnosis, death in family, change in school, work or location
  • Physical aggression between siblings: either witnessed or observed
  • Evidence of substance or alcohol abuse
  • Couples experiencing stress related to fertility issues and complications
  • Observed overall disruption with how the family functions